Zhyphen Energy Storage Systems


Zhyphen is a UK Energy Storage Systems (ESS) manufacturer for smart energy & grid solutions based on battery storage. We offer full turn key solutions with Zhyphen proprietary software & unique modular hardware.

We provide innovative high quality ESS for harvesting and storing free low carbon renewable energy. Our technology can be applied to almost limitless applications from small 50w Mobile Units to our Mini-Grid Systems and beyond.

Zhyphen’s in-house R&D facility develop unique system architecture used in all our ESS coupled with our proprietary Battery management system (BMS) ensuring maximum usable energy & sustainability.

We pride ourselves in providing future proof modular “plug and play” solutions with unrivaled build quality resulting in unsurpassed performance and profitability for our clients worldwide.

Why is our ESS so unique ?

High Power Output

Unique architecture in all Zhyphen systems produce more useable energy. Our ESS has only one power conversion process, therefore offering an extremely high output.

Zhyphen Grid-Interactive Systems enable high utilization of self-generated energy, with only one power Inverting process from DC to AC power. Round trip efficiency from generation to storage to consumption is greater than 80% efficient.

Our ESS can provide a complete autonomous power supply, where other market leading ESS may not.

Connectivity and Monitoring

The Zhyphen proprietary Battery Management System (BMS) allows for connectivity to district network operators (DNOs) future digital platforms to create revenue streams such as demand side response (DSR) or frequency balancing further enhancing the ROI for the consumer.

Excellent proprietary central energy management systems (EMS) measure all power going in and out of the batteries and calculates the available capacity to a high degree of accuracy. This is completed via the internal processor and 24bit ADC measurement devices. The battery capacity can be read on the installed display and on any Wi-Fi enabled device in %, Ah and kWh.

Excellent ROI

Due to the numerous design features allowing for more usable energy, compact design and increased battery life, Zhyphen ESS offers an extremely high ROI for end users.

The unique proprietary BMS allows for only 80% deep discharge (DoD) typically doubling the lifespan compared to 100% DoD. All in one system: simply connect solar panels, grid and load consumer unit – there are no external components, making for a truly fully integrated unit which reduces time & costs therefore creating a very high ROI. The “plug & play” attribute also allows for our ESS to be installed in developing countries where high level electrical knowledge is scarce.

Proprietary Intelligent Battery Management system (BMS)/Greener

The BMS constantly monitors the condition of the battery cells. 3U modules can be replaced individually in the Zhyphen system. Other competitor systems require complete unit replacement. When the replaced modules eventually reach their end of life they are recyclable.

LiFePO4 protected with Solar BMS can last 20 to 30 years, where a typical lead acid will only last four to six years.

We can manufacturer at our UK production facility bespoke ESS from 2 KW to 45 KW and beyond…