Quality Solutions


Due to the numerous design features allowing for more usable energy, compact design and increased battery life, Zhyphen ESS offers an extremely high ROI for end users.

The Battery Management system (BMS) constantly monitors the condition of the battery cells. 3U modules can be replaced individually in the Zhyphen system. Other competitor systems require complete unit replacement. When the replaced modules eventually reach their end of life they are recyclable.

LiFePO4 protected with proprietary BMS instead can last 20 to 30 years unlike a typical lead acid which only lasts four to six years.


Bespoke Solutions


Our UK based R&D facility provides unique bespoke ESS solutions for efficient storage of Solar, wind or grid tied energy. We develop creative energy storage solutions designed with our unique core technology, BMS/EMS & Zhyphen architecture to client specifications.

Our capabilities are for mini grid systems, retrofit AC Coupled, hybrid grid interactive and grid connected AC coupled plus hybrid off grid systems for Solar and Wind.

Zhyphen mini portable systems are available in 50, 100, 500 and 1509 kwh ultra-portable units.

Our bespoke off-grid, Grid-tied and Hybrid interactive systems start at 2kw to 120Kw and beyond.