Commercial Storage

Store energy from solar, wind or grid-tied generation to reduce energy bills and carbon emissions.

Zhyphen Energy Storage Systems can store the free, abundant energy from solar, wind or from lower cost off-peak grid supplied electricity, crucial in reducing energy costs & carbon emissions.

Easy Plug & Play Installation

Safe & Reliable
Lithium Iron Phosphate
(LFP) chemistry

Flexible Investment
2kWh Modular Design
Scalable from 2kWh to 120kWh

Perfect Compatibility
Compatible with a wide range
of recommended Inverters


They can be deployed in remote off-grid locations, with bespoke solutions from 2 KW to 120kWh and beyond.

Zhyphen Commercial Storage

Zhyphen are a manufacturer of bespoke and innovative storage solutions for the farming, leisure, and general commercial sector.

Our solutions include Off-grid, Grid-tied and Hybrid Grid interactive solutions.