Social housing domestic PPA

Social Housing Domestic PPA

From April 2020 we entered into a partnership arrangement with a highly respected, ethical financial institution who are dedicated to fund projects that lift social housing tenants out of fuel poverty and at the same time helping towards the decarbonisation of the grid.

This perfect union of technology and financial strength is now providing access to Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) enabling free, fully maintained solar PV and energy storage.

Working with our PPA partner, the solar PV and energy storage system is provided and installed at zero cost to the landlord or tenant. As the asset is fully funded longevity of the system is paramount, ensuring the very highest quality of equipment and solar panels which are all installed to the highest standards.


Zero costs to the tenant other than the normal purchase of the generated electricity they use every month. The price charged will never exceed what they would pay from the grid allowing them to save money on energy bills and be protected from future electricity price rises .


With modular structure, systems can be flexibly composed for a variety of voltage platforms, a variety of capacity level system, and easy maintenance.  Systems are designed to be in installed for 20+ years and allow tenants to purchase generated electricity at a lower cost than sourced energy supplies. This long-term arrangement provides stable energy costs helping combat fuel poverty.


Power Purchase Agreements provide financial certainty to you and the project developer, which removes a significant roadblock to building new renewable facilities. Our funders are very happy to provide case studies, example agreements and proposals.


Furthermore, there is no responsibility from the housing association or social landlord for the operation of the system as the maintenance and associated costs are all covered by our financial partner.