Project Description

In the beautiful rural Yorkshire countryside, Cottingham Parks Golf and Leisure Club has a high energy consumption. Accommodation, restaurants/ catering and a heated swimming pool result in high energy costs. Zhyphen was given the challenge to provide a Battery Energy Storage Solution (BESS) facilitating the integration of a 95kW grid-tied solar PV generation as well as a 50kW DC-coupled solar PV array.

Design & manufacture of bespoke containerised 45kVA/120kWh battery energy storage system, facilitating the integration of 95kW grid-tied solar PV generation as well as a 50kW DC-coupled solar PV array. Installation of cabling & containment to provide UPS backup for a large swimming pool and critical loads. Enhanced energy monitoring and management system with bespoke cloud dashboard.

Zhyphen Solution
Zhyphen containerised system

• 3Phase 230V/400Vac System
• ENA G99/UK & G100 Complaint
• Containerised Solution; Secure 20FT x 4FT Plant Room
• Insulated & Exterior Cladded
• Integrated Thermal Management, Fire Detection, Security, & Lighting Systems

Battery Bank
• Lithium Iron Phosphate Chemistry
• LV 51.2V 2400Ah (120kWh) Installed battery capacity; >98kWh usable @ 80%DoD,
• Modular Solution: 3 Stacks, 24 x 5.12kWh Modules
• Expandable Design

Outcome Summary
Zhyphen based their solution on remotely gathered data from the previously installed Zhyphen energy tracker monitoring equipment. The solution provided will best meet the client’s objectives to considerably reduce their grid import energy demand and become more self-sufficient through utilisation of Solar PV Generation. Also meet peak load requirements while providing the pool plant room with backup facility. The expandable modular design will allow for additional demand such as EV adoption.


(External of 20ft customised container with Integrated Thermal Management, & Fire Detection. Wooden cladding for aesthetic appeal)


Internal image of Zhyphen 45kVA/120kWh battery bank


Internal image of container/plant room