Project Description

Derry/Londonderry Northern Ireland

We are proud to have installed the Zhyphen eVolution charging Hub 2, with Solar carport canopy in a semi -rural business park in Northern Ireland.

The Zhyphen EVolution is an energy storage system (ESS) with integrated EV chargers and optional integrated solar PV, micro wind generation. The system is designed to allow rural locations with weak or no-grid to access sustainable EV charging at a fraction of the cost of grid upgrades and without the lengthy or sometimes prohibitive planning process.

The Zhyphen eVolution required no changes to the existing grid infrastructure, governmental policy or grid compliance rules. The system is modular, therefore can be scaled up with local demand.


Case study

The semi-rural business park commercial unit with 3-Phase grid supply, however the max Solar PV generation permitted by the DNO is 10kW Inverter, with 10kW export allowed. Upgrades would have been required to add more generation, due to multiple renewable installs in the area >250kW and the in-business park. The industrial unit recently installed electric vehicle charge points and with transition to electric heating, any additional solar onsite will be beneficial, for reducing grid usage, saving money and carbon emissions.
We have installed an AC-Coupled 9kW/30kWh Battery Energy Storage system under G100 which the DNO permitted, and to this we have also installed an additional 9.5kW of solar panels via DC Coupling to battery using charge controllers. Effectively we now have double the amount of solar generation.
As our modular carports was largely preassembled with the integrated solar PV, the installation time is limited, reducing disruption and costs on site.
Zhyphen Solar Carports protects vehicles from the sun and rain whilst reducing your carbon footprint and EV charging costs and are always made from a sustainable source of wood.