Zhyphen.com is delighted to have been chosen as the supplier of Solar Energy Storage Systems to an African Maternal and Child Health electrification project to several clinics in Malawi. UK manufacturer Zhyphen.com will provide their innovative, modular Instant Grid product to be integrated with solar PV, which will allow weak-grid maternal health clinics and community health centres to have much-needed secure electricity access to perform 24-hour care. This will allow for 2,000 childbirths and serve over 6,800 pregnant women and 6,400 under five-year-olds per year. The Zhyphen Instant Grid and its collaboratively designed SolarPV system were chosen as part of a competitive competition ahead of 67 other system designs.


The Zhyphen Instant Grid was specifically designed for the harsh sub-Saharan climatic conditions and is remotely monitored from the UK allowing us to change certain parameters, check cell health, and therefore enabling Zhyphen to offer industry-leading, long-term product lifespans with extensive warranties.