Solar Lithium Battery Storage systems provide off-grid power to domestic and commercial premises.

We have installed domestic grid-tied battery storage for homeowners to enable them to save on electricity costs and reduce carbon emissions with our domestic grid-tied product or for uninterrupted power supply to commercial or SMEs.

We can offer completely off-grid power solutions or hybrid grid-tied battery storage with our hybrid battery solution

Instant grid off-grid battery storage

Our Instant grid off-grid battery storage can be utilised in remote locations that have no grid supply to harness solar power for use at a later date. The Zhyphen instant grid can also be used in place of diesel generators on-site for tradesmen, building site power for construction workers, outside catering off-grid solar power or for festivals that require low carbon electricity in off-grid locations. Telecom Lithium solar Battery Systems can be powered by the Zhyphen instant grid offering an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) to the Telecom tower site for backup.

Off-grid Electricity is a vital part of the drive towards net zero and we have various Off-grid Energy solutions for solar, wind, or grid-tied Battery Storage. As Grid-tied Electricity prices continue to rise dramatically, Solar batteries will allow consumers to store low-cost carbon-free energy from their solar panels. Also, the opportunity to store energy from off-peak time of use tariffs (TOUs) and use at peak times when electricity costs are higher can be achieved from Grid-Tied Energy storage. This is where Solar Lithium Battery Storage by Zhyphen steps in.

Our new product range is the Zhyphen eXtender Zhyphen Lithium eXtender Range – Zhyphen offers a high-performance battery power supply from Lithium-Ion Phosphate batteries (LifePo4).

Bespoke Auxiliary Battery Solutions

We design bespoke Auxiliary batteries solutions for transport, logistics, ambulances, other emergency vehicles,  buses, and coaches with high demand battery requirements. These solutions are designed to alleviate the stress on existing onboard batteries and vehicle alternators whilst using auxiliary power equipment such as Vehicle tail lift batteries, anti-idle solutions or any onboard power requirements for welfare trucks, or delivery vehicles. In addition, refrigerated vehicles can use battery power to run fridges when parked or camper van batteries or vehicle conversions or camper conversions power solutions are manufactured to bespoke requirements.

Vehicle solar solutions can also offer a reduction in fleet running costs, carbon emissions, and downtime replacing vehicle batteries. Optional specifically designed flexible solar can offer additional low carbon clean energy to vehicle transport fleets and delivery vehicles. The Zhyphen eXtender range comes in 12v lithium batteries, 24v lithium batteries, and 48v lithium batteries as well as bespoke auxiliary batteries made for complex power need onboard vehicles. The eXtender Go range can also offer solar or auxiliary batteries for the marine industry boats, Yachts and service vehicles.

A portable solar power supply can be achieved using the Zhyphen mobile range allowing for instant off-grid mobile solar storage or any solar generator requirements. Portable solar storage will alleviate the use of diesel generators, therefore reducing Toxic and Carbon emissions.