Off Grid Living is a life we all often dream about, however it is now something we can all achieve partly to the advances of green energy solutions. At Zhyphen energy we firmly believe that this is something that should be available to everyone.

The UK currently has a combined capacity of 13.26 GW of solar power this is enough to power around 3 million British Households. According to the Solar Trade Association, around 900,000 British homes have solar PV panels installed.

What is Off Grid Living?
The term off Grid living actually means disconnecting from the mains grid for electricity, For some people, it is driven by the need to reduce their energy usage for the health of the planet and to save money, so they choose to use renewable energy to achieve this and invest in solar panels and wind turbines some even harvest rainwater. For others, it is more of an alternative lifestyle choice to get away and live off the land

At Zhyphen energy we believe that energy is an essential part of the worlds future supply for both the sake of the environment and economic reasons. Energy Storage solutions or (ESS) allow consumers to store up their energy at times of high generation and use this energy they have stored and use it when demand is high thus making large cost savings.

Our Energy storage technology offers you a new revenue stream from balancing demand and supply on short timescales such as frequency response. And for the longer periods such as participating in the Capacity market to ensure you have power available at times of high demand via virtual power plants.
Zhyphen ESS help make grids more resilient, flexible, and sustainable. Our products use the free energy created from solar, wind and other renewable sources which are so crucial in eliminating fuel poverty and reducing our carbon emissions.

Zhyphen products can be used in remote off-grid areas, such as developing countries or disaster relief zones without incurring the huge infrastructure costs with traditional supply networks.

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