At Zhyphen energy we strongly believe that energy storage is a fundamental part of the world’s future and should never be a luxury!  We know that the future of energy lies in renewable sources such as the sun, for both economic and environmental reasons.

Energy poverty is defined as a lack of access to sustainable modern energy services and products. Poorer countries usually have the worst energy services which contribute to malnourishment, unhealthy living conditions and limits access to education and employment, its like a vicious circle.

According to the IEA World Energy Outlook, there are currently 1 billion people in the world -13% of the total population with no access to electricity, mostly in Africa and South Asia. That is why the team at Zhyphen are Working hard to try to make a difference.

We strongly believe that our products can benefit people in third world counties, therefore we are reaching out and working with Charities based in Nigeria and Tanzania.

One of the more recent consignments was 6 Zhyphen Instant Grid Blocks and solar panels.  These Instant Grid blocks went directly to villages in remote areas of Nigeria and Kilimanjaro, where they will be lifechanging and provide these communities with a much-needed reliable source of electricity, which in turn will provide the village with essential medical treatments, schooling, and community facilities.

Some of these villages had no consistent source of electricity and depended heavily on unreliable intermittent diesel generators that were awfully expensive to run, were extremely high in CO2 emissions and broke down often.

Our Zhyphen Instant Grid Blocks will provide these communities with Free low carbon secure energy supplies that is to the power of the sun. The intelligent Zhyphen instant grid is really easy to install and instantly provides 3kVA of static or mobile power making it perfect for remote locations. Alternatively, you link from 1-9 blocks to create a micro-grid to power a school, medical facility or village.

Zhyphen Energy Storage Systems store the free energy from, solar, wind or other renewable resources which is crucial in eliminating fuel poverty and helping to reduce carbon emissions. The huge benefit is that they can be easily used in remote off-grid locations, developing countries or in disaster relief areas without having to incur the huge infrastructure costs associated with traditional networks.  For more information on Zhyphen products please visit and follow us on social media.